about Foundation Introduction

To promote the succession and development of cultural art and the creation of new and original works.

Philosophy, purpose, and field of activity

This foundation seeks, through cultural arts, to develop the infrastructure and create an environment that will nurture people's creativity and expressive power, to create a spiritually rich society that can accept emotional connections, mutual understanding and respect, and diversity, with the aim of supporting the activities of the most talented young cultural artists, to pass on and develop the culture arts that have been cultivated thus far, and to promote the imagination of new and original cultural art.

This foundation conducts the following business in order to achieve its purpose.

  • The activity support subsidy project for young activists who have the potential to spread the creative culture, arts and crafts fields to the world

  • Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

Name / Date of Establishment / Location

Kawamura Cultural Foundation
Date of Establishment
Sotokanda 2-15-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo