Philosophy & purpose of activity
To promote the succession and development of cultural art and the creation of new and original works.

Through cultural arts, we aim to create the foundations and environment to nurture people's creativity and expressive power, to create a spiritually rich society that can accept emotional connections, mutual understanding and respect, and diversity, with the aim of supporting the activities of young cultural artists, to pass on and develop the culture arts that have been cultivated thus far, and to promote the imagination of new and original cultural art.


Philosophy & purpose of activity


SOCIALLY ENGAGED ART SUPPORT GRANT FY2019 Announcement of the Selection Result
FY2018 Socially Engaged Art Support Grant system application started.
SOCIALLY ENGAGED ART SUPPORT GRANT FY2018 Announcement of the Selection Result


A grant system to support the activities of artists

At the Kawamura Cultural Foundation, we provide support in the form of assisting and subsidizing the activities of young artists in order to pass on and develop cultural arts.
Those who wish to receive assistance or support, please confirm the terms and conditions of the "Cultural Arts Promotion Grant System" before applying.
Announcements about donors are also made on this site.


Grant system

Councilor Takeo Obayashi Chairman and representative director of Obayashi Corp., etc.

Councilor Yuji Akimoto Special director, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, etc.

Councilor Takao Tsutsumi President of Sezon Museum of Modern Art incorporated foundation, etc.


堤 たか雄Takao Tsutsumi

Educational Background

March 1993 Graduated from Department of Political Science, Keio University Law School
June 1993 Studied at Grenoble 3rd University, France
April 1997 Admitted to the doctoral program in International Environmental Economics at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Councilor Kawamura Ikuko  

President Kawamura Yoshihisa Director of DIC Corp., etc.

Director Tomoko Iwaseki   

Director Kenji Kubota Curator

Director Tsutomu Horiuchi Social Investment Promotion Foundation Councilor, etc

Auditor Yoshikazu Sugita Certified
public accountant, tax accountant

Auditor Tetsuji Shibayama Managing Director, AG Holdings Corporation 



Kawamura Cultural Foundation

3F Shin-kanda Building, Sotokanda 2-15-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021

Tel: 03-5295-2120 / Fax: 03-3526-2292.
Access from nearest station: 10 minutes walk from Suehirocho station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) or Ochanomizu station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, JR Line)


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